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Softphones: The Ideal Working from Home Solution?

For many organizations and individuals, working from home is the new normal. This is why it is more important than ever to have the right technology to communicate and collaborate. Do you have the right equipment to stay productive in times of crisis? Will you be able to stay connected when it matters most?

Softphones (softphone) are essential tools that have long been relied upon for remote working. A softphone est une application logicielle qui offre les fonctionnalités d’un téléphone tout en étant disponible sur différents appareils et plateformes, notamment iOS et Android, les ordinateurs […]

VoIP, How Does It Work?

VoIP Telephony: How Does It Work?

VoIP telephony is not a new technology, but many companies are still unfamiliar with all benefits it has to offer. For example, VoIP telephony’s system that transforms analog audio signals into digital data lets you make unlimited phone calls using a broadband internet connection, without having to pay communication costs.

The Advantages of VoIP Over PSTN

Le Réseau Téléphonique Commuté (RTC) représente ce que vous utilisez quand vous téléphonez, aussi bien à partir de votre fixe que de […]

IP Telephony and Teleworking

VoIP Telephony: An Opportunity for Teleworking

Over the years, teleworking has gradually seeped into our working habits, and many companies are now beginning to understand its real advantages. However, as we begin to offer more teleworking options, we must also provide our employees with the right equipment so they can work efficiently and stay connected to the company, our partners, and our customers.

VoIP telephony is the essential tool for teleworkers because it opens the door to various opportunities and promotes mobility, which is especially helpful for companies who use a multi-site configuration or who have employees who are often on the move.

La téléphonie VoIP, pour […]

How to Introduce IP Telephony to your Company

IP telephony is an indispensable technology that transmits communication via the Internet.

It offers many advantages, especially if you have employees working remotely or who are often out of the office. Not only is it inexpensive, but it is also secure and perfectly confidential if the supplier masters the subject. In order to install your system correctly and enjoy all its benefits, here are a few requirements:

Check the Quality of Your Internet Connection

La téléphonie IP infonuagique nécessite une bonne connexion Internet afin que vous puissiez bénéficier de façon optimale de ses avantages et vous offrir une stabilité. Avant d’implanter […]

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