VoIP, How Does It Work?

VoIP Telephony: How Does It Work?

VoIP telephony is not a new technology, but many companies are still unfamiliar with all benefits it has to offer. For example, VoIP telephony’s system that transforms analog audio signals into digital data lets you make unlimited phone calls using a broadband internet connection, without having to pay communication costs.

The Advantages of VoIP Over PSTN

Le Réseau Téléphonique Commuté (RTC) représente ce que vous utilisez quand vous téléphonez, aussi bien à partir de votre fixe que de […]

Securing Your VoIP Network

Three Tips to Secure Your VoIP Network

VoIP telephony offers numerous advantages for companies such as lower telecommunication costs, greater flexibility, and many other attractive features. However, as you migrate from analog/digital phones to VoIP telephony, new security vulnerabilities may emerge. Just like the IP network may present risks, the VoIP environment can also have its vulnerabilities. However, these vulnerabilities are preventable, so here are 3 very important tips to help you secure your VoIP network.

Pourquoi cela peut-il présenter […]

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